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iPhone Features I’d Like to See – Part 1

March 23rd, 2008 · No Comments · Phones

Having owned and used my iPhone for over 6 months now, I do have some features I’d like to see on future versions.

– Longer Battery Life
– Replaceable Battery

There, was that so hard?

My previous phone was a Samsung clamshell model, and it could go several days before needing a recharge.  I can go 3-4 days with the iPhone, but ONLY if I don’t use it.  If I make more than a few phone calls and use some of the other features, then I need to charge this puppy every day.

If viewing videos, whether they be movies, tv shows, or video podcasts, forget it – the iPhone gets its batteries sucked down in a few hours.

Now I understand partly why 3G was not included in this phone…….3G, with current chipset technologies, is a powerhog.

Now, this could all be easily solved, had Apple offered removable batteries!  Why, oh why, aren’t these available?  Is Apple really that fearful of losing control of batteries to 3rd party vendors?  Or would adding removable batteries add more width and heft to the slim phone?

Whatever the case, it’s a hassle for owners to have to send the phone in to Apple or drop them off at the Apple Store and wait for a replacement………..during which time you’re without a phone!  It’s also got to be a monumental hassle for Apple as well, to have to deal with battery replacement issues……..shouldn’t your techs be more focused on more serious customer issues?

Ok, even with these issues, I still love my iPhone.  Hopefully version 2.0 will address the battery issues.

Other issues?  More of those in future posts…………..

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